Skin care clinic services menu & pricing

Clients can expect results in a relaxing environment however the facials are not necessarily pampering or traditional in nature. Sublime Skincare Studio is a skin care clinic providing anti-aging and acne treatments located in Glendale, Arizona. Here your skin will be transformed with the latest innovative and professional skin care technology.

Enjoy a wide variety of professional services to fit your needs serving Glendale, Phoenix and Peoria AZ. such as: Microphototherapy, Microneedling, Customized Facials, Men’s facials, Microdermabrasion, Dermablading, Dermaplaning, Microcurrent, , PCA Skin Chemical Peels, Full-body Waxing, Brazilian Waxing, Eyelash Extension, Chemical Peels, Teenager facials, Acne Treatments, Anti-Aging Facials, and Professional Exfoliation. Scroll down to see the menu of services.

Be sure to ask about the “Loyalty Discount Program”. Never pay regular prices ever again!

Facials / Skincare Treatments

The customized Facial-This facial is designed to take care of whatever YOUR unique skin type and concern is. This facial will leave your skin clean, exfoliated and hydrated. $85
The Celebrity Red Carpet Treatment-While most of the facials are clinical, this facial is by far, the most pampering. I’m rolling out the red carpet just for you! In just ONE treatment your skin is better than ever! Not only does this 90 minute facial include a relaxing facial and décolleté massage, this treatment is the “trifecta” that you’ll be back for. It includes Photo-rejuvenation, LED light therapy, microcurrent, microdermabrasion using Retin-A gives benefits that are lasting! Not only does it deep clean, your skin is exfoliated then hydrated using cutting edge technology. Your skin is soothed eliminating redness, treats inflammation, contracts pores, adds essential and powerful ingredients tackling all signs of aging as well as, vitamins and minerals to make your face one that should be on the big screen. $225
The Men’s Facial-Men have skin too! Pores can get clogged and hairs can become ingrown, both of which are undesirable. This facial will exfoliate the skin and treat it according to your skin’s needs. Be the well-groomed man that you deserve to be! $85
The Sun-Damage Facial Rejuvenation-Years of sun exposure leaves a very visible trace, especially in the harsh Arizona sun. Pigmentation and sunspots can be embarrassing and extremely difficult to conceal leaving its wearer self-conscious and frustrated. Pigmentation is commonly caused by UV exposure, however, may also be brought to the surface by hormones or trauma to the skin such as acne scarring.  There are a number of treatment options available to significantly reduce and prevent further pigmentation and sunspots. *Best if done in a series. May include a chemical peel $85
The Teen or Adult Acne Solution-Dealing with teenage, adult or hormonal acne is frustrating however there is a solution. My professional product line, equipment and skills will eliminate your blackheads, acne and your frustration! Get the clear skin that you have always dreamed of! $85
Skin Exfoliation-This simple, yet effective treatment takes just 30 minutes. Skin exfoliation services are offered to remove dead surface cells, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and pores, and making your skin smoother and more youthful. $65
The Back-ial (The facial for your back)-Believe it or not, the back is as oily for some people as the T-zone area on the face, therefore, can have breakouts. This facial for the back is designed to deep clean and even pamper with a mini back massage. $85

Clinical Skin Treatments

Radio-Frequency, Skin-Tightening Facial- This facial includes: microdermabrasion to exfoliate and eliminate your dead skin, a seaweed mask, radio-frequency, and LED light therapy. Radio frequencies heats deep layers of the skin which stimulates collagen production thereby creating a firm appearance and LED light has been used for decades for regenerating and healing skin tissue. This is the alternative for those who are not ready for plastic surgery but want tighter skin. *Best if repeated monthly. $250
Dermablading/Epi-Dermablading/Dermaplaning-An ideal method of exfoliation designed to remove the outermost layers of dead cells, leaving skin smooth and supple. Dermablading can help reduce the visibility of acne scarring and slight wrinkling, as well as do away with the villous (translucent) hairs on the face. *Add a mask for just $15.00 $75
Microdermabrasion-Microdermabrasion services employ gentle abrasion to exfoliate and remove the dead outer layers of skin clean your pores and give you smooth and beautiful skin. (Diamond-tip) $75
Chemical Peel-This is the classic “lunch-time” peel using lactic, TCA, glycolic or salicylic acids. This treatment just takes 45 minutes. Chemical peels utilize gentle chemical solutions to smooth the texture of your skin, reduce mild scarring, even out your skin tones and remove pesky blackheads and blemishes while reducing excessive oils that may cause breakouts. $65
PCA Skin Medical-Grade Chemical Peel “Jessner”-These are amazing peels with transformational results! Go as gentle or as aggressive as you need to in order to obtain the results that you desire. Eliminate age-spots, uneven skin tone, reduce pore size, eliminate fine lines and even deep-set wrinkles. Excellent for controlling acne and oily/think skin types. $150
Microneedling- a solution for all skin conditions that clients might seek treatment for: wrinkles and fine lines, acne scarring, stretch marks, wound healing stimulation, and skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation. This treatment provides unparalleled collagen induction therapy via fractional delivery of needles into the epidermis and dermis. These micro injuries to the skin encourage and harness the power of the body’s innate ability to re-grow and repair the skin through the physiology of collagen induction. $95
LED Light therapy-LED (Light Emitting Diode) treatment uses red, blue and infrared laser energy to repair damaged skin cells and leave the skin looking softer, firmer and healthier than before. The laser energy stimulates skin cells and allows your skin’s natural growth and renewal process to improve the appearance. $65
Microcurrent-delivers a variety of benefits to patients who wish to attain a healthier and younger looking appearance. A microcurrent facelift can be performed to achieve the following benefits: Improve muscle tone in face and neck, lift jowls and eyebrows, reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. $75


Eyebrow Maintenance $15
Extended Bikini $30
Underarm $25
Upper Lip $12
Full Brazillian $70
Chin $12
Full Leg $60
1/2 leg $35
Men’s back $40


Eyelash Extensions $250
Eyelash Extensions fill (2 weeks $49, 3 weeks $75)
Coming soon…Body treatments TBD